7️⃣Power7 Predictor

Introducing Power7, FantasyGo's new pool-based predictor game

What is Power7?

Power7 is FantasyGo's brand-new pool-based football predictor game with a minimum jackpot of R5 million!

Power7 costs R2 a line and similar to the lottery, players can enter as many "lines" of predictions as they want. To win the jackpot, a user must get all 7 score predictions correct. But there are cash also prizes for users who get 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 scores correct!

Users may use the auto-pick function to have score predictions automatically submitted for them.

Note: Goals in extra-time and penalty shootouts will not count towards the prediction score.

How does the prize pool grow?

Just like our fantasy games, the Power7 pools grow each time someone makes a prediction. This is what separates Power7 from other predictor games out there.

The Power7 jackpot will be won if a user correctly predicts the scores of 7 football matches. There will also be prizes won for users who get 3 out of 7, 4 out of 7, 5 out of 7, or 6 out of 7 predictions correct!

Prize distribution

7 out of 7 correct: A user who correctly predicts all 7 scores will win at least R5 million guaranteed! (35% of the net pool + the shortfall)

6 out of 7 correct: 15.8% of the pool.

5 out of 7 correct: 15.8% of the pool.

4 out of 7 correct: 13.75% of the net pool.

3 out of 7 correct: 17.9% of the net pool.

Fewer than 3 out of 7 correct: No prizes will be awarded for predictions with fewer than 3 correct scores.

Any portion of the net pool that is not won in a prediction round will carry over into the following round.

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