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What is FantasyGo?

FantasyGo is a Fantasy Sports Website, that gives sports fans a chance to put their knowledge to the test, pick their dream teams, and win big cash prizes each week. The more people that play, the bigger the pools grow!

What are fantasy sports?

Fantasy sports are online games in which participants strategically pick virtual teams of real professional players.

Participants score points based on their players' real-life match performances, with the aim of scoring the most points in each contest.

Fantasy sports add an extra layer of engagement and excitement for sports fans as they follow the performances of their selected players in real-life games.

FantasyGo takes things to the next level by rewarding winners with big cash prizes.

How does FantasyGo work

FantasyGo contests are pool-based. This means that a portion of every entry fee goes towards the prize pool, which is then distributed among the top points-scorers.

There are two main benefits of a pool-based approach:

Guaranteed winners: Unlike traditional sports betting, where the bookmaker has a statistical advantage, FantasyGo guarantees that there will be three winners in every single contest.

Growing prize pools: After the initial seed amount has been covered, the prize pool increases every time a participant enters a contest. So the more people that play, the bigger the cash prize will be!

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